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One-stop consumption into mainstream bathroom industry needs integrated marketing

Consumers one-stop shopping needs more and more obvious, in the bathroom products to buy the same bathroom includes shower room, bathtub, toilet, bathroom cabinet and other modules, if a brand is a product of a style, so the bathroom became big chowder. Consumers want to be able to one-time purchase of the entire bathroom products, and for enterprises, to provide consumers with a full range of bathroom products, but also conducive to the promotion of sales profits. That is, the advantage of bundling relative to a single product.
Product mix
Compared with other Home Furnishing products, sanitary products including bathroom cabinet, shower, toilet, washbasin, has the advantages of great variety, style and diverse, in sanitary enterprises, which makes possible the diverse product portfolio sales. In the fierce competition in the market, sanitary ware enterprises should be good at giving full play to this flexibility and diversity of the product itself, and make good use of product mix to improve the sales of bathroom products and seize the market opportunities.
In the specific operation process, enterprises should use scientific and reasonable product mix, launched a series of products, thereby winning the market. The combination of this product strategy can be broadly divided into two kinds, one is aimed at the various market segments of the product mix strategy, different consumer markets, consumer demand in the form of combination is not the same. Enterprises can only meet the needs of consumers and the market environment by setting up different product combinations according to the diverse and changing markets.
Another is a combination of strategies for the enterprise products, enterprise products are diverse, enterprises will have to be good at integrating the resources of their products, in order to play the advantages of their products, so as to improve the product sales, to promote the development of enterprises.
Combination product
China is a large agricultural country with a large population and few people. The space used for human habitation is very small, and most people are still living in a humble abode. Then you will find that if you want to have more functions of the bathroom, you have to sacrifice a lot of living space; if you want to save space, but the bathroom function is really unable to meet the needs of the home. It can be seen that the traditional bathroom style basic has been unable to meet the needs of consumers, therefore, sanitary enterprises should make full use of creative thinking, the multiple functions of the development of bathroom, bathroom combined production research and innovation.
With the development of society and the increasing demand of people, combined bathroom will become the main direction of bathroom development. At present, the development of combination bathroom in China is still in the initial stage, there are not too many rules of confinement, and the variety is not many, the division is not fine. If the bathroom enterprises take this opportunity of painstaking research and development of combined sanitary ware, designed to meet the development of combined sanitary consumer demand, in order to expand in the bathroom sanitary enterprises on the market space, which is bound to the sanitary enterprises in the days after the relevant market competition, won first prize.

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